A Door, a Facade, and the Way Back

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth”.

The first ten words of the Bible demand a massive paradigm shift for every reader who dares venture inside its pages.

First, we are forced to confront the bold claim that there is One True God. Right away this God claims center stage, stating that He is First and He is never second.  Look at the first two (of ten) Commandments.  There are no other gods before me (I am First), so don’t make anything in your life an idol that causes you to worship what YOU create instead of worshiping me (I am never second).

With these first ten words of Genesis 1:1, We are introduced to two doors to choose between.  The first states “I Am the One True God”, and is presented to us by God Himself.  The second door looks just like the first, but it is a facade.  It materializes from the spirit who works in the hearts of all who disbelieve, and emphatically states the opposite … “This is not the One True God”.

Before you choose, it is important to know that each choice of door is a foundational choice, which means that you will be called upon to make more choices and decisions based on the evidence you find inside until you have enough material to actually determine the validity of each claim.  Each door acts as a platform or foundation you will build your conclusion upon, and although I am biased here I will state that the spirit of disobedience wants you to search for answers until you die without having ever found God.  This is what the facade does.

It is also important to know that each door will ultimately force you to cultivate and rely on faith.  The evidence you gather will hopefully be compelling, but faith will also be asked of you.

And because these claims are polar opposites, it is reasonable to conclude that there is only one right statement, therefore there is only one correct choice of door to enter.  Through each door lies the beginning of a path that either leads us deeper into truth or farther into an unfathomable labyrinth of lies.

So your choice is incredibly important, right?  Which is why the Bible addresses this in the very first verse!

Therefore it is vital that we THINK before we choose. And examining what we already know, we come to a preliminary conclusion right away.  If there is a God who created a beginning for all there is, then the only reasonable way to approach Him is to understand that He is bigger.  Unfathomably bigger.  His thoughts must be higher… His intelligence so vast… His understanding far superior…

Farther into Genesis we see that He also claims to have made us.  Mankind.

If we are created and He is Creator, then how can we ever put Him under a microscope?  How can we ever know thyself in any attempt to know Him.  Natural Psychology quickly becomes inadequate and only a Supernatural Psychology can suffice (which would explain the utter confusion in those who enter the facade).

We are left with the only logical thing to do.  We must depend on Him for information about … Him (and what He’s created).

We must either accept that there is a God who is big enough to create something out of nothing, and look to His Word (the Bible) for an explanation of Who He is and who He says we are … or reject Him and begin the impossible task of “creating” all that we know and have yet to discover by creating our own story, our own explanation, and our own proof.

Genesis 1:1 removes any pretense that we are significant by our own strength, intellect, wisdom, or understanding.  We are shown to be tiny and completely helpless in the hands of a God who is bigger than we can imagine; big enough to define a beginning for every created thing.  He alone gives us the value we have.  Otherwise we are nothing.

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth”.

This is an incredibly important verse for YOU, and ME and there are implications of either choice we need to be aware of.  If we believe there is a God who created our beginning and all that we know, then we are logically pressed to find out as much as we can about this God who created us.

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth”.

These words are designed to pull us deeper into the story.  What does this God want for what He has created?  What is His purpose for us?  Why are we here? What does He want for us?  What does He want us to do, and how will we accomplish what He wants?  What kind of relationship is possible to have with the One who created us?  This verse calls us into relationship, and it calls us into obedience.  We are called to know God.  We are called to know Truth.

What will you do with Genesis 1:1?  Which door will you choose?

Be warned:  If we listen to the voice that states “This is not the One True God”, and choose to walk through that door, then hear this from someone who has chosen the facade… You will inevitably come to a place of yearning and regret, and you will long to find a way to get back to the place where you once were able to choose the door God presented to you; the door of “I am the One True God”.

But you won’t be able to find your way back.  You will be lost.  In fact, chances are some of you are already inside.  Are YOU lost?  None of the choices you’ve made are working out.  You’re still empty, and you still have questions?

I understand, and so does God.  In fact, He understands more than anyone because He chose to enter this world of unbelief Himself.  He walked the same path you are on, and He did it for the simple reason that He wanted to seek out and save those who are lost!

In fact, He came in the form of Jesus who made another emphatic statement of His own.  He claimed that He is now the door back to God, and that you no longer have to find your way out of this mess.  In fact, you don’t have to do anything at all!  He’s already DONE everything necessary for you to restart.  He is the way back to “I am the One True God”, our escape hatch, our reformation, our redemption.  Just enter the door of relationship He offers, and it is as simple as admitting you were wrong and confessing He is who He says He is and that God has done what He says He has done for you.

Maybe you think you are too far gone, that God wouldn’t want someone with your “stuff”, someone so damaged?  Everyone who has ever lived, regardless of baggage or sin, gets the same offer, because God doesn’t make failures.  And there is nothing you have done to yourself that He cannot undo and restore.

Because He’s bigger, remember?  He is best.  His ways are higher than ours.  His capabilities are unlimited.  He takes our biggest problems and dips them in His care, and with Him impossible is nothing.  He does impossible every day.

Jesus has placed His door back to God at the end of every path sin takes us down.  Choose to enter … choose to accept this opportunity to start over.  Repent (change your mind about Who God is, and what Sin does), believe He loves You and died for your sin payment (and that God raised Him from the dead!), and Obey His Word from this day forward!

Don’t listen to shame and regret, but look forward to being clean and forgiven!

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth”.

And with that… Here we are again.

Welcome back!  Choose wisely.


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